Wine Innovations Ltd. Tulip – more service, less spillage

What Makes Tulip Special?

  • Why is it special?
  • Why is it special?

Why Is It Special

Our Tulips of wine are the perfect way to serve wine to people in a hurry - whether it is in a lunch queue, travelling, at a festival or other event.

  • The Tulip substantially reduces serve time, increasing customer flow and rate of sale. Typical serve times for a cup of wine can be 30 seconds or more with a Tulip this is reduced to 3-4 seconds.
  • Tulips are sealed so there is no waste when serving and no spillage when customers carry them.
  • PET Tulips are the safe alternative to traditional glass bottles or glasses and customers love their convenience
  • Once used the Tulips are fully recyclable.
  • Our core brand of Tulip glass can be seen in a variety of outlets and venues as ‘The Intrepid Fox’, but can also be custom branded.

For further information or details of your local supplier please contact us.